10 Reasons to Use Credit Card

10 Reasons to Use Credit Card
10 Reasons to Use Credit Card

Credit cards have long been getting a bad rep as far as your personal finances are concerned, there is no denying that they still offer a lot of benefits that make them a great financial tool for many people. This is provided that you manage to pay your credit card balance monthly. 

As long as you got the discipline, below are the top 10 reasons to use your credit card. 

1. Borrow for Free 

The right card gives you the cheaper way of borrowing. It doesn’t matter if you want to build new creditor or clear existing debt, you could borrow interest-free for over one year with a card offering 0% on your purchases. 

2. Enjoy Peace of Mind 

All credit cards come with the free and handy consumer protection. If a purchase doesn’t turn up, is not as described, or is fault, you can get a financial compensation from your credit card provider or the respective retailer. 

3. Get Free Money 

You can earn rewards from most cards when you use them in the form of points or money you can use for anything. Why will you use your debit card or cash to shop if you can earn cold hard cash or rewards for the same exact amount of effort?

4. Establish Good Credit Report 

Good credit report can help you buy a car, a house, and give you excellent interest rates for these two. A bad report will stop you from getting things you couldn’t pay for upfront. Having and using a credit card sensibly is the easiest way to establish a credit record or mend a bad one. 

5. Cheap Cash Overseas 

A savvy traveler carries a credit card as this will not only provide additional consumer protection but will also help you save money. Using the right card overseas saves you from paying commissions and give you the best exchange rate possible. 

6. Keep Your Money Protected

You won’t be able to see your money again if you end up losing your money. But, if you are careful with your credit card, it wouldn’t be your liability to pay for expenses incurred after you lost it. This is as long as you report the loss right away and you were careful with handling your pin. 

7. Free Insurance 

There are credit cards with free purchase protection within a short period after making a purchase. It means that when the item you bout is stolen or lost within the set timeframe, you can still recover your money. 

8. Emergency Money

Your credit card can give you instant access to money during emergencies. You wouldn’t have to worry about running out of cash when you end up stranded in the middle of nowhere. 

9. It’s the Only Accepted Payment Method 

There are companies that insist the use of credit cards for payments such as for car rentals or hotel reservations. This is because it gives them better assurance of recovering additional costs you might incur. 

10. Perfect for Online Purchases

A credit card will save you money for those purchases you make online. When you use your card, you wouldn’t have to pay extra and you might also enjoy better deals. 

These 10 reasons to use your credit card will convince you to get one and use it diligently.