Can You Buy a YouTube Channel?

Can You Buy a YouTube Channel?

Buy a Youtube channel

YouTube is one of the largest media platforms in the world. It operates as a fusion of entertainment and social media, and it has potential to be extremely lucrative. One of the hardest parts, though, is getting your channel started. Gathering those initial subscribers can take a long time, and there is a lot of investment that goes unreturned at from the outset. This begs the question: can you skip this process? Wouldn’t it just be easier to get somebody else to do that part, and I can take over after? Can I just buy a YouTube channel?

Popular Misconception

The answer many websites will give you is yes, you can buy a YouTube channel. There are a number of places on the internet that advertise channels for sale. You can legally purchase these accounts and use them to advertise or create boosted content right away. This answer, though, is incomplete; incomplete answers are wrong answers.

The Real Answer

It isn’t all that simple to  buy a YouTube channel. While it is possible, and even legal, it is against YouTube’s Terms of Service. This is a zero-tolerance policy, and if it is discovered that you bought it, the channel will immediately be deactivated. This will lead to your investment, of both money and time, completely wasted. Now, there is some question as to how aggressively YouTube actually chases down accounts like these. This means that you could possibly fly under the radar, as YouTube has failed to act on some major channels that were pretty publicly purchased. To get a little more info on the subject, and how to do it yourself, check out the video below by Kevin the Financial Tutor.

Why Kevin?

Kevin is a finance YouTuber with previous experience buying and selling YouTube channels. As he explains in the video, he has sold 5 channels, and purchased 2 personally. He has made videos on many other topics related to various “get rich quick” schemes that are popular on the site. He does a pretty good job explaining the pros and cons, and this video is no exception. [embedded content]

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