ClickCashGo Review: Avoid At All Costs

ClickCashGo Review: Avoid At All Costs

ClickCashGo Review

ClickCashGo Review

Sometimes we get in a tight spot and need money immediately for an emergency or even money for food to put on the table. That has many people look to bad credit loans and cash advances to help them get by. ClickCashGo is a marketplace to put people in touch with bad credit loan service providers. Is it a good option for you if you’re in need of cash right now? Here is my honest ClickCashGo review…

What is ClickCashGo?

ClickCashGo is a loan marketplace that puts people with bad credit in touch with lenders. Because the site is geared towards people with bad credit, credit checks aren’t always necessary. However, interest rates can be higher on many of these bad credit loans.

The site is designed to help match people with small personal loans and other types of financing. Purposes for financing can vary widely and can be as little as $200. To qualify you must be/have:

  • at least 18 years old
  • a resident of the United States
  • income of $1,000+
  • an active checking account in your name
  • employed for a minimum of 90 days

You also won’t be able to submit information for ClickCashGo if you are located in my state (Georgia) or any of the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia

My ClickCashGo Review

Personally, ClickCashGo isn’t something I would ever use myself. There is no reason my husband or I would look into a high-interest payday loan or cash advance. However, I have been in those situations in the past. If I was looking for a loan like this, would ClickCashGo be a good option?

Well, ClickCashGo is a site that puts you in connection with loan service providers. While it is not the provider itself, it collects information that can give you good loan matches. For people with bad credit, ClickCashGo can find loans that can cater to your specific needs (up to $5,000). The bad thing is ClickCashGo does partner with some not-so-great lenders. Interest rates on loans through the marketplace can be up to 35.99%.

Thankfully, you are not obligated to pay anything unless you accept the term agreement. If you do not accept, you will not be held responsible for payments.

A Note on Transparency

When you look at other review online of ClickCashGo, many people note transparency being an issue. Some sites have the service as low as three out of 10 stars for transparency. In many cases, this is because terms were not always made clear. ClickCashGo can also give your information out to loan service providers. Some applicants did not believe ClickCashGo was transparent about their contact information being given out.


When it comes down to it, ClickCashGo is still a payday loan and/or cash advance service. Unless it is absolutely necessary, these types of loans should be avoided at all costs. Not only are they typically higher interest, but they will also continue to keep you in the mindset that living on debt is okay.

To truly further your own debt freedom goals, make loans like this mentally not an option. This will help keep you from falling victim to predatory lending or picking up unneeded debts along the way.

Readers, have any of you used ClickCashGo or similar services? What was your experience? 

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