Credit and Financials Resources During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Credit and Financials Resources During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Credit issuers across the country are offering resources for customers during the COVID-19 economic downturn. Unemployment has skyrocketed in recent months and many are going without paychecks.

If you are struggling with bills and payments there may be options and resources available to you provided through your credit provider. Many of the major credit card companies have made resource pages designed specifically for the current pandemic. These pages often include information regarding your federal stimulus payment.

This list will be updated as more financial institutions continue to update the financial assistance they are offering to their clients. The best source of information will be to contact your financial service provider directly. Many banks are experiencing extended wait times to receive customer service – patience will be required during these tough times.

Chase Bank

Chase Bank has developed a number of resources available for clients seeking assistance during the pandemic. For stimulus related concerns customers can visit Resources concerning your federal stimulus payment and deposit updates can be found there.

Chase has an additional page for general coronavirus relief information. This will provide details regarding payment assistance for all lines of credit with Chase Bank. This include credit card payments, mortgage payments, and auto loans.

Capital One

Capital One has set up assistance for customers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Clients can visit to find assistance programs and relief available to customers. Like other major credit card carriers Capital One advises their customers to contact them directly if they are having trouble meeting their payment deadlines.

Discover Bank

Discover cardholders can visit to view information related to customer relief. Impacted individuals are urged to contact Discover directly at 1-800-497-2816 to speak about your specific financial hardships and payment requirements.

Citi Bank

Citi Bank customers can visit to view assistance programs offered for their clients. A relief report form has been set up which can be completed online if you require assistance with your credit card bills.

Customers will need to log in to their Citi Bank account to complete the form. Assistance can also be provided by phone at 1-800-685-0935.

Bank of America

Bank of America clients can visit to view relief programs set up during the pandemic. Payment deferrals can be requested online for credit card payments, mortgage payments, and auto loan payments.

Information regarding business owners who may be interested in utilizing the Payment Protection Program can find additional information about this process on their Coronavirus assistance page.

US Bank

US Bank customers are encouraged to visit to learn about payment deferral programs and additional payment relief available to customers. In addition to individual assistance programs, US Bank customers can learn about options for small business owners.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo clients can find information relating to the pandemic at The webpage provides information for businesses, individuals, and students.

PNC Bank

PNC Bank is offering clients assistance during this troubling time. The PNC Covid-19 Page has been updated to provide the latest information for customers struggling financially.

Regions Bank

Regions Bank has set up support system for individual clients and business owners. provides information for relief assistance programs put in place to assist during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fifth Third Bank provides information regarding financial support systems put in place by Fifth Third Bank and the federal guidelines. Information is available for individuals, small business and corporate accounts.

TD Bank

TD Bank clients can visit to find the latest information about the pandemic and their finances. The webpage also provides a direct link to the IRS Relief Payment online tool to track your relief payment.

BMO Harris Bank

BMO Harris Bank clients can remain updated on lending relieft programs and credit card payment relief programs at

Finding Assistance During The Coronavirus Pandemic

While many resources are being put in place to protect consumers it is inevitable that many individuals will need significant help during this time. If you are struggling to meet your bills you should reach out to the lending institution as soon as possible.

Please leave additional resources and information in the comments below which will be updated in to the article to provide the most up to date resources.

Stay safe out there!