Get $0.50 For Every Uber Ride With Drop App (YMMV)

The Drop app is offering 500 points for every Uber ride. That’s worth only 50 cents. It is an easy way to get some extra bucks though, especially if you use Uber often for short rides. Might not show up for everyone, but worth a check.

ibotta uber offer

If you don’t have Drop, you can also get a $5 sign-up bonus when you sign up through a referral link.

Offer Terms

  • Must add offer first
  • Must click through the Drop app for each ride; must complete ride within 2 hours of clicking through
  • Not valid on UberEATS

Guru’s Wrap-Up

This offer won’t make you take Uber for no reason, but if you already do you can earn a few dollars in your Drop app. Ibotta added cashback for Uber too. You can also check out the Freebird app to earn more cashback on Uber and Lyft rides.



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