Is The Stock Market Open on Christmas Day 2020?

Is The Stock Market Open on Christmas Day 2020?

Is The Stock Market Open on Christmas Day 2020?

If you love the stock market then you might be disappointed when it’s closed. Luckily, neither NYSE nor NASDAQ close very often on weekdays throughout the year. That said, even the stock market does take a break on some major holidays. So, is the stock market open on Christmas?

Christmas Day is a Federal Holiday

Federal holidays, also known as bank holidays, happen a few times throughout the year. When they do, most banks are closed. So are other federal buildings and services. And yes, the stock market closes, too.

Christmas Day is a federal holiday. Therefore, all of those things are closed. The stock market will not be open on Friday, December 25, 2020. The stock market closes for Christmas.

Is The Stock Market Open on Christmas Eve?

The stock market is open on December 24, 2020. However, the stock market closes early in observance of the upcoming Christmas holiday. Therefore, get your stock action in before 1 pm EST on 12/24/20.

When Does The Stock Market Re-Open After Christmas?

Usually, if Christmas Day is followed by a weekday, then the stock market reopens as usual the next day. However, this year, Christmas Day falls on a Friday. The stock market isn’t open on the weekends. Therefore, you can’t resume your stock market action until Monday, December 28, 2020.

Foreign Markets and Christmas Day

If you really love the stock exchange then perhaps you follow the international stock markets as well. If so then you’ll know that oftentimes those stock markets are open even when NYSE and NASDAQ aren’t. After all, every country has its own holidays. Not all countries followed the American federal holiday system.

That said, most countries to observe Christmas. Therefore, some of the most popular foreign stock exchanges, such as the London Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange, close for Christmas Day 2020. However, there are two exceptions:

The Shanghai Stock Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange are both open on Christmas Day 2020. If you happen to follow those markets, then you’ll enjoy checking in on them.

What To Do When The Stock Market Is Closed

The healthiest thing that you can do when the stock market is closed is to forget about it. It’s good to focus on money at times. However, money isn’t everything. Christmas might be about family or it might be about solitude. You can spend time in companionship or simply reflecting upon the past year and the year to come.

However, if you’re intent on thinking about investments during Christmas Day, then here are some options:

  • Start reading up on investment predictions for the new year. They’re coming in fast and furious by now.
  • Order some of the latest books on investing. They’ll keep you on your toes for the 2021 stock market.
  • Spend the day listening to financial podcasts. You can get a lot of great information about investing.
  • Talk about investing. Impart some wisdom to younger family members that you might see for the holidays.
  • Review your investment portfolio. It’s always good to do that a few times per year.

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