More Money, More Problems?

More Money, More Problems?

more money

more money

The Notorious B.I.G., or Biggie, once said “more money, more problems.” For Biggie, that rang true in many ways, but most of us “everyday” people think to ourselves. More money would probably solve 90% of my problems. However, it is true. The more money you make, the more problems you’ll have to solve.

Why We Need More Money

In my case, we have to push to earn more money to solve our problems. We’ve had a lot of unexpected expenses recently. Doctor’s visits, car repairs, and buying health insurance have had us pinching pennies for several weeks. Our fix? Well, make more money, of course.

Many people in the personal finance space tend to say, “No, you don’t need more money, you need a tighter budget” or “You need to pay down your debt.” While these things are absolutely true, our cost-of-living for our family is increasing. Here are some of the recent (expected and unexpected) costs we’ve encountered.

  • Two out-of-pocket doctor’s visits: $500
  • Purchasing health insurance: $278 (and $278 recurring cost)
  • Oil change on the car: $106
  • New tires on the car with alignment: $550

There are some more repairs needed on the car in the near future as well. As you can see, we’ve had well over $1,000 in recent expenses and these are only continuing to pile up. So, we’ve been looking at ways to earn more money.

Hubby Got a New Job

Our biggest “win” as far as earning more has been my husband landing a new job. He has been contemplating whether or not he wants to go back to work in a shop or not. After moving back to North Carolina from Atlanta, he decided to focus on looking for something car-related but not as a mechanic.

He landed an awesome gig writing about cars and working from home. It has been about two months and he has been published multiple times now. Eventually, he would like to expand to car reviews, videos, and podcasts, but this is a great start. What’s even better is it pays really well, so we are going to be able to afford all the repairs coming up and my health insurance each month.

We are also going to need new computers soon (both of ours are on their last legs). Luckily, we both have some flexibility in our earnings and can push to make more when we need it. So, in our case, more money will solve a lot of our problems.

I still love the Biggie song though… [embedded content][embedded content]

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