Optimizing Shipping, Payment Processing, and Customer Expectations

Optimizing Shipping, Payment Processing, and Customer Expectations

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In this edition of Lunch Bites, featuring Caroline Rua from V-Technologies, I sat down with Caroline to discuss trends we’ve been seeing in the marketplace around B2B shipping and remote work. Watch the video below to learn more, or read on for a summary of the discussion.

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What challenges have you seen in your industry lately?

For B2B companies, the switch to remote work presents a few challenges. In order to stay afloat, companies are expanding from strictly brick and mortar shopping to include eCommerce channels. These new sales channels bring new complexities in supporting a large number of shipments, and companies must figure out how it all works with the ERP, how to get the packages out and deal with carriers. 

Visible Supply Chain Management, a V-Technologies partner that provides StarShip customers with discounted post office rates, recently published a report about the COVID-19 Impact on Supply Chain & Mitigation Strategies. We are seeing delays now with carriers across the board, delivery rates from carriers being extended, and not able to deliver things on time. 

Similarly remote work causes roadblocks in the B2B payment processing world. Working outside of the office makes it difficult to print and sign checks, companies are experiencing cash flow issues, leading them to expand payment options, and others are looking to cut expenses — all scenarios where integrated payments can help. 

What recommendations do you have for manufacturers and distributors?

  1. Set accurate expectations for delivery. One recommendation to help set accurate expectations is to email shipment notifications with tracking numbers, and shipment details (which Starship provides), and include a notice about possible delays due to COVID-19. 
  2. Optimize packaging. Look at dimensional weight, ensuring you are using the smallest possible box to save on freight charges and shipping speeds, while safely delivering your product.
  3. Look for a payment provider that integrates with the systems you already use. Choose an omni-channel payment provider that integrates with your ERP like Sage 100, Sage 500, Sage X3, or Acumatica as well as leading eCommerce platforms. The APS Payments integration allows us to offer level 3 rates which can result in significant savings – up to 43% on B2B transactions!

What are the next steps for Sage 100, Sage 500, Sage X3 or Acumatica users looking for help? 

1. Join our upcoming webinar!

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2. Download the Guides Mentioned in this episode: 

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