Retirement Planning Finally

Retirement Planning Finally


I don’t know if the saying “better late than never” applies at this time. But I’ve taken a teeny tiny baby step toward formal retirement. I opened a ROTH IRA account with Charles Schwab and schedule small bi-monthly cash deposits from my every day checking account. (My primary focus is still on debt payoff so this will start off small.)

I think I can start investing with any amount, but I can’t take advantage of their financial plan tool until I have $5,000 ready to invest. So for now, I’m going to begin to do some reading and do some manual investing with a small amount of cash while I build up the account. I know I have asked it before, but any free resources for learning to invest would be great. And by learning…I mean, very, very basics.

How Aggressive Can I Be?

I know it’s not a lot, but it is something. I figure I have at least 20 years until retirement so I will need to be pretty aggressive with my savings and balance that with how risky I’m willing to be with my investments at least here to start. From what I understand, I have about 10 years to be pretty intense and risky before I’ll need to be more moderated in the chances I take.

Do you know of any blogs of people who started planning for retirement late in life? I am going to need all the tips and tricks I can gather.

(At the same time I am doing this, I have also looking at opening ROTH IRA accounts for Gymnast and Princess. I need to be a bit more knowledgeable about how they work first.)