Weekly Roundup: 7 Notable Stories You Missed This Week

The cheapest U.S. cities to rent an apartment

Looking to move somewhere cheaper? Check out these awesome cities where it may be easier to find the apartment of your dreams — at a rent you can actually afford. (HuffPost)

7 ways to be more productive at work

Can’t stop staring at your phone? Busy sending your co-workers memes on Slack? If you have trouble staying focused and productive at work, read these tips. You might actually get home on time! (PureWow)

Help — I’m a bad tipper! What are the rules for Ubers and coffee shops?

While many people want to help others by leaving a tip when appropriate, half the battle is figuring out when it is appropriate? Tipping is seldom mandatory but often expected. Here’s a guide to help you navigate gratuity. (Money)

13 online shopping safety tips for the holidays

Who needs to visit the mall during the craziest time of year? Thanks to the internet, not you! But before you check off everyone on your list, make sure you use these safety tips to stay secure while online shopping. (The Street)

Niche products in our grocery stores

Has your local grocery store got you hooked on a product you can’t find anywhere else? You’re not alone. Niche products are on the rise, and they tell a lot about consumer demand. Listen to this podcast to learn why. (NPR: Planet Money)

How to solve a customer service problem using Facebook or Twitter

It’s all fun and games until you have to wait on hold for an hour to find out why the gift you bought your mom is stuck in Kentucky. Luckily, the social media age has given us a new outlet to voice our customer service grievances. Here’s how to use social media to resolve issues. (Consumer Reports)

Ban the SAT and the ACT

In a way, the SAT and the ACT are two experiences that bind millions of Americans together each year. We all know the anticipation of showing up to school on a Saturday, the frustration of filling in hundreds of little bubbles perfectly, and the relief of getting it over with. We also know the tests aren’t perfect for several reasons. Should we do away with them altogether? (Vice)

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